Knock Box Basic Red by Joe Frex

Knock Box Basic Red by Joe Frex

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 Knock Box Basic Red by Joe Frex

Our sturdy Knockbox Basic is designed to make handling and cleaning fast, efficient and enjoyable. The heavily aluminum knock bar is damped with a food grade silicone tube and can easily be removed from the trendy duroplastic casing, which is of course dishwasher safe as well as food-grade. The silicone base ring gives it exceptional stability and protects your work surfaces.

Material: Plastic, Silicone food grade

Dimensions: Ø 4 inch x H 4.7 inch

Ø 10 x H 12 cm

Knock Box Basic Red

Helps you to recycle the collected coffee grinds as a great organic fertilizer for your garden.

You could store the pucks until they are dried and than us it as charcoal for BBQ or fireplace, it´s all organic!

This Product Is Only Available In Canada And The USA!


Knock Box Basic Red:

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