PUSH Tamper Original - 53mm
PUSH Tamper Original - 53mm
PUSH Tamper Original - 53mm
PUSH Tamper Original - 53mm

PUSH Tamper Original - 53mm

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Unbeatable in accuracy. 

"PUSH" combines the world’s best materials with advanced coatings, resulting in unparalleled quality.

The PUSH Tamper took the coffee world by storm when an earlier test version appeared at the 2015 World Barista Championship and on the floor of the concurrent SCAA Expo

It's a uniquely puck-shaped tamper, and in the hands of UK Barista Champ Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, he demonstrated a near perfectly even and level tamp every time. Here's a clip on Kyle's award winning routine:


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The perfect fit for 53mm baskets

PUSH bases are CNC machined to a precise 58.50mm diameter, ensuring a perfectly snug fit for most ‘53mm’ baskets including VST, IMS and more. This precise fit means a maximised tamping surface area, which results in reduced channeling and improved extraction. Ultimately, PUSH increases the quality and consistency of your  espresso.


  Super hard stainless steel base

Cafes are demanding, fast paced environments. Things get dropped, knocked and damaged. We get it. That’s why PUSH’s base is machined from super hard surgical grade stainless steel. But we thought we’d take it one step further. All of our bases are then vacuum hardened to 58HRC, making it the hardest stainless steel known to man. PUSH is like a fine chef’s knife - treated correctly, it will last a lifetime.


Non-stick base coating

Nobody wants coffee grounds sticking to their tamper. That’s why we’re continually working with the world’s most advanced coatings specialists. PUSH is coated with an ultra non-stick, incredibly hard coating used by the likes of NASA, in fact it’s even used on the the missile mechanism of the Eurofighter Typhoon. Pretty cool, right? This coffee-repelling coating means no more coffee grounds sticking to your tamper. Not forgetting, it’s also extremely wear resistant and 100% food safe.


 Anti-Vacuum base

The last thing any barista needs on a busy day pulling shots is for their perfectly tamped puck of coffee to be sucked straight out of the basket when removing their tamper. PUSH is designed with an anti-vacuum groove, which eliminates suction when removing the tamper from the basket. Your perfectly level tamped puck of coffee will sit snugly in the bottom of your basket, ready for an even extraction.


 Precise incremental scale markings

We all know that barista who likes to take all their aggression out while tamping. They seem to tamp with a super-human force only usually produced by industrial machinery. And then there’s the barista who seems to barely tamp at all, as if they’re worried they might break it. Well wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could always tamp exactly the same? That’s what we thought.

PUSH guarantees absolute consistency from one barista to the next. What’s more, you can replicate it across multiple tampers, thanks to our super accurate measurement system. Once you’ve found the right setting for your recipe, you can copy that setting on as many other PUSH tampers as you like, and it’s accurate to 0.05mm.

Along the side of the base is a scale showing 1mm increments. To adjust your tamping depth by 1mm, simply unlock the screw and turn the handle 360°. When the scale lines up with the locking screw, the tamping depth is a whole number of millimeters (eg 11.0mm, 12.0mm etc). If the screw and base scale are not lined up, the markings on the underside of the handle will tell you how far between whole millimeter increments you are (eg 12.6mm, 12.7mm etc).


Beautifully durable

All PUSH handles are precision engineered to 68.00mm diameter using aerospace-grade aluminium, beautifully anodised to reduce corrosion and wear. Just to be clear, this isn’t paint. Anodising is an electrochemical process that converts the aluminium surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. This anodising process prolongs survival in the most demanding cafe environments. The 68.00mm diameter ensures the underside of the handle stops perfectly level on top of the portafilter basket when tamping. All markings including the PUSH logo are then laser-etched, so they will never come off. Choose from our range of unique colours to make your tamper the statement piece of any cafe environment.


 Ergonomic design

Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (A.K.A “Barista wrist”) are some of the most common injuries associated with baristas. This is predominantly due to the unnatural posture required to use traditional coffee tampers. The first thing you notice with PUSH is it’s flat, “hockey puck” like design. Now, forget the awkward motion you’ve always used with traditional tampers. Place your palm flat and well... Just, PUSH. It’s as simple as that.

PUSH is the only espresso tamper developed with and tested by independant ergonomics experts. PUSH has been found to significantly reduce the risk of injury when compared with other coffee tampers. The control offered by PUSH also allows users to alternate their tamping hand to further reduce physical strain, without sacrificing results.